Data privacy

Data protection statement:

It is important to us to protect your personal data in the context of collecting and processing it, and while you are visiting our website. Your data are protected in accordance with the law. The following contains statements on the nature of the data collected while you visit our website and about how the data is used:

1. Personal information

Personal information is only collected and processed on our website if you have actively provided the information in question, for example in the context of registering. Indirect personal information (except for the IP address, which for technical reasons has to be stored in order for you to be able to use this service) is not stored or processed.

The latest encryptions and access restrictions offer optimum protection against unauthorised access to information which has been transmitted or stored.

2. Using and passing on your personal information

Personal information transmitted to us by you is used only for technical administration, to answer your queries, and (provided you give your agreement when you register on this website) to send you “newsletters”, and is only passed on upon request from Austrian authorities following corresponding court proceedings.

Your personal information is only passed on to third parties if you have agreed to this. You have the right to revoke your agreement at any time; the revocation is valid as of the date of revocation.

We only send you advertisements or newsletters by email or other electronic means if you agree to this. If you wish, you can unsubscribe to advertisements or newsletters at any time free of charge by sending us a letter or an email; the contact details are provided in the “Publication details” section.

3. Your right to information concerning your personal details and your right to correct and delete your details

You can at any time request information about your data which has been stored, and you are entitled to correct details or have them deleted. In this case please send a letter to the address of our company.

4. Cookies

Cookies are used in various places on our website. Cookies are small text files which recognise a user when he or she revisits a site. However, no personal information (e.g. name or address) is stored. In other words, you cannot be identified by means of this information. We use Cookies in order to tailor our offers to your requirements and to analyse how these offers are being used. You can adjust your Browser so that your agreement has to be obtained before a Cookie is used, or so that the use of Cookies is generally blocked. Our offers can generally also be used without Cookies.